Property Management

Ready Property Group attracts and selects motivated and experienced property managers who want to own their own rent roll and make your business their business. Not only are our property managers motivated to make your business their business, they are well supported with the latest technology including, innovative cloud based software, ongoing professional development and high profile hub locations that are the 'touch point' for landlords, tenants, contractors and of course, Ready Property Group property managers.  

At Ready Property Group, we understand that property management is more than just fixing a leaking tap or paying bills on time. Property management is about building relationships based on trust and transparency.  Our fee structure whilst better than most is still profitable due to our new and efficient business model, allowing us to ensure that our business is strong and stable, whilst offering better service at a better price, that's what we are all about - it is our mission.


For Landlords

Ready Property Group was founded in part due to landlord frustration.  There had to be a better way to give landlords the service they deserve, whilst providing property managers with greater reason and motivation to provide excellent service – our business model simply does that.  Our property managers are committed to their business and their rent roll.  Yes, that’s right, it is their business as they own the rent roll.  They do not work for an agency that pays them a very average wage resulting in very avearge service.  At Ready Property Group – our property managers' business is your business.  Landlords love the genuine and motivated service and lower fees that our model allows us to offer. Our property managers are focussed on managing their own business and delivering an exceptional professional service by building a solid and long lasting relationship with you, their client.

All we ask of landlords is to give us a go.  We are so confident of our model that we know you will not be disappointed.  Why not call or email us today and give us a chance to prove it.

What's your property worth?

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