Ready Property Group

Better Business Model = Better Service at a Better Price

Are you tired of the same old property mangement experience? Poor communication, poor service and paying fees for what? Ready Property Group has changed the game in property management.  Our property managers do not work for an agent or agency, they work for themselves, supported by Ready Property Group. Our property managers' business is your business and overheads are low, allowing us to deliver better service at a better price.

We are so confident about our model that we will give you a two month fee free period, beat our competitors' fees and most importantly, provide better service. Anyone can and most do promise great service, but we actually deliver it and at a better price too.  Ready Property Group property managers grow their business and get rewarded by taking care of your business. Our mission is to deliver better service at a better price, it's as simple as that. 

Property Management

At Ready Property Group, we ensure that the property manager looking after your asset is well trained, well supported and well,........managing and taking care of your business because it is their business - they succeed if you succeed.

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Selling & Buying Property

Ready Property Group does not provide sales services - our focus is soley on property management.  We are partnered with James Dean Residential, a fifth generation real estate business that can take care of all your sales requirements. 

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Meet the team

Ready Property Group property managers are all qualified, licensed and selected to work for us if we believe they are mature, experienced and enthusiastic to make your business their business.

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